Ep. 020- How Your Why Can Serve As Your Anchor In Your Business With Your Art, with Adrian Correia

Alexis Fedor

How Your Why Can Serve As Your Anchor In Your Business With Your Art, with Adrian CorreiaAdrian Correia is a cinematographer who has shot films, trailers music videos and promotional work for some of the top brands and has worked with some of the top talents in the film industry including Julianne Moore, Kevin Spacey and Daniel Craig. He also shot the first two seasons of my original web series, Gray Matters, where the production quality was the best of the best.

But what I find most inspiring about Adrian’s work is what drives him to create and build a business with his art. He is candidly forthcoming about how his relationship with his father helped shape his path in life and how he is reminded about what drives his work and keeps him grounded in the decisions he makes and who he chooses to work with each and every day.

Adrian came from a family that was not very talkative in terms of career or success, and his father was a humble man who wanted only the best for his son. When Adrian found out later in life that his father had not pursued his true passion, he knew in his heart that by pursuing his he was not only honoring his own passion in life, he was also honoring his father and his legacy.

Have a listen, as Adrian’s story is one that will remind every artist that your Why is what truly matters to the life of your business.

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How does your WHY fit into your business plan for your art? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to working your WHY into your plan and using it as your business compass? Please share in the comments below, as your sharing helps more artists than you know and helps us help you build your business with your art, your way!