Amy Rapp: Honoring Your Vision As A Woman In Business – Ep. 073

Alexis Fedor

Amy Rapp: Honoring Your Vision As A Woman In Business

Amy Rapp is a creative producer and Head of Meredith Vieira Productions, where she oversees all development and production.

She executive produced “Return,” starring Linda Cardellini, Michael Shannon, and John Slattery, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and also produced the Emmy-nominated, critically-acclaimed feature documentary “The Woman Who Wasn’t There,” which broke network ratings records, and was named the top “mind-blowing documentary available on Netflix” by Huffington Post. She booked and produced the critically-acclaimed national tour, and the live album, of the hit Off-Broadway one-man show “Life in a Marital Institution,” written and performed by celebrated monologist James Braly (This American Life). She also executive produced award-winning, critically-acclaimed feature documentary “Tower,” which world premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, winning the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award, and which was shortlisted for the Oscars as Best Documentary.

In our discussion, Amy and I talk about the importance as women in business of standing behind the vision you have for your work as an artistic business owner, and letting that drive you to find the path that ultimately fulfills that vision, one step at a time.  For all the women who stand behind their art listening right now, this episode is for you.


The Woman Who Wasn’t There



Amy’s Book Recommendation:

The Last Great Ride by Brandon Tarticoff

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