Ep. 164- André Aciman: When What Is In Your Heart Becomes Your Business

Alexis Fedor

André Aciman: When What Is In Your Heart Becomes Your BusinessAndré Aciman is the author of several novels, including Call Me by Your Name (winner, in the Gay Fiction category, of the 2007 Lambda Literary Award) and a 1995 memoir, Out of Egypt, which won a Whiting Award.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, he is currently distinguished professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where he teaches the history of literary theory and the works of Marcel Proust, and has at New York University, Princeton, and was a visiting distinguished professor at Weselyan University.

In our discussion, Andre so graciously shares the story of how writing became his career, and so became his “business” in spite of the direction he thought his career was going to take. He found this path when he began to listen to a few people who encouraged him to follow what was in his heart who seemed to recognize what that was before he did.

If you know you’re an artist who has a burning desire to turn toward the work that comes from your heart of hearts because you know it will serve more people than you could otherwise, this episode is for you!

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