Ep. 004- How To Have A Healthier Artistic Credit Profile, With Anthony Davenport

Alexis Fedor

How To Have A Healthier Artistic Credit Profile, With Anthony DavenportI talk with many artists who are struggling with paying off debt, and I have to say it was not too long ago that I was deep in debt myself, and not sure how I was going to get out of it. It was right around that time that I met Anthony Davenport, owner of Regal Financial, one of the top credit protection companies in the country. Through his guidance and support, I was not only able to get out of debt faster than I could have anticipated, but I was able to clean up my credit profile, something I had no idea would need “cleaning up”.

I learned during this time that it is not uncommon for people to not understand how credit agencies are portraying us, but once we do we can clear up our profiles and start fresh with a healthier financial profile all around. This is a great discussion that you may want to download for yourself to take notes on later, as Anthony shares some real insider tips on how the professionals take care of their credit and how you can begin to do the same for yourself and your business with your art, right now.


Regal Financial NYC:  https://regalfinancialnyc.com/

Credit Reports To Invest In:

  1. Regal Financial’s Real Credit Report ($25)

Dunn and Bradstreet: https://creditreports.dnb.com

  1. Business Information Report ($121.99)

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What credit hassles have you experienced in the past, or are you dealing with right now? Please leave your answer in the comments below, so we can use the resources Anthony has provided to help you get on and stay on the healthiest financial path possible. Your comments help more people than you may realize and lead to some of the most valuable and transformational discussions, so please comment away!