Ep. 054- Arielle O’Shea: Why Every Artist Needs NerdWallet.com

Alexis Fedor

Arielle O’Shea: Why Every Artist Needs NerdWallet.comArielle O’Shea is an investing and retirement specialist at NerdWallet.com, a personal finance resource that helps consumers make the best financial decisions. She’s been reporting on and writing about personal finance for over a decade. Her work has appeared in Esquire, Money, The Billfold, Women’s Health, Forbes and XO Jane, and she contributed to the book Money 911 while working for author Jean Chatzky.

Arielle and I talk about the importance of organizing your financial plan as an artist, and how easy that process can be with the right resources to help support you in making the simplest, most powerful decisions for your financial health and business growth.






Arielle’s Book Recommendation:

Simple Money, by Tim Mauer


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