Ep. 189- Why Having An Email Series Is Important For Gaining A Higher Level Of Engagement

Alexis Fedor

Why Having An Email Series Is Important For Gaining A Higher Level Of Engagement My theme for this week is tech. Tech as a support for your business as an artist. As you bring your business online and the importance of using tech even if your business is 99% offline. Because you still, no matter what, are going to have to have an email service provider, whether you have an online or offline business. Now the majority of you listening are consciously working at building and bringing your business to the online space but there are a few of you who really conduct your business offline. All of your clients, even if you are always face to face, live in person, have and use email. The bottom line is that email is still, to this day, one of the most effective ways to connect with, nurture and sell to your most ideal clients. Those past clients and potential clients who are on your list right now are the ones who are in your world and want to be hearing from you.

I have a great number of artists, right now in the Psychology of Sales course who are really making the most incredible progress in terms of whipping their businesses into shape. Getting their websites optimized for a better client experience. However, the biggest question I’ve been getting from all of them is about email. They’re nervous about inundating their clients and potential clients with emails. Email lists can be the most annoying and disruptive part of our email boxes. Now if this is something that you feel when working on your email list then this episode is for you!

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