Ep 022- How To Use Your Instincts To Build A Business You Love, with Eric Baker

Alexis Fedor

How to use your instincts to build a business you love, with Eric BakerEric Baker is a legendary graphic designer whose business in New York City has designed work for some of the most respected artists and business owners in the world, including but certainly not limited to Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, The Museum Of Modern Art, The New York Times, Saturday Night Live and the infamous and most respected restaurateur Danny Meyer.

Eric built his business by consistently staying true to his vision for his work and the value he placed behind that vision, which has led him to become a trailblazer in his industry and to making some decisions that did not at the time make sense to many people but him. But he is a business owner who knows how to listen to his instincts and trust himself above anyone else, which has resulted in his business serving the exact clients he wants to serve, providing an incredible life for his family and, above all, feeling incredibly fulfilled on a daily basis.

Eric’s story is a true testament to how an artist can lead the most successful business without compromising your art or the time and energy you need to give to your work as an artist. He is also an absolute delight to listen to, with some of the best stories I’ve heard, considering who he has worked with. Have a listen- this is a great discussion you don’t want to miss!

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Have you been struggling to allow your instincts to lead you in your business life? Or are you in need of guidance on how to run your business better so you can allow your instincts to take over in a more pronounced way? If so, leave a comment below, as your sharing helps more artists than you know and helps us help you grow your business with your art, your way!