Ep. 033 – Griffin Matthews: Your True Vision Creates Inevitable Growth In Your Artistic Business

Alexis Fedor

Griffin Matthews: Your True Vision Creates Inevitable Growth In Your Artistic BusinessGriffin Matthews is the founder of Uganda Project, a grassroots organization that provides free education, housing, mentoring, and basic needs to Ugandan students in order to empower, ignite, and impact global change. He is also the co-creator of Witness Uganda, a musical about his experience with the organization that has had an incredible impact in New York City and worldwide. But just when he thought the show could go to Broadway, a goal he and his partner had for the show, he realized he needed to take an unexpected turn in a new direction, at least for the moment.

For every artist who questions what to do when a so-called monkey wrench seems to get thrown on your path to pursuing your chosen path for your business with your art, Griffin’s story will help reignite your willingness to not only stay the course, but make the absolute best of that course every step of the way. He is an artist who has combined his passion for his work with a commitment to using his gifts to help fill the needs of his most ideal clients. Griffin realized he could find success along the journey toward fulfilling his vision, and that is precisely what staying true to your artistic life can bring.

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WITNESS UGANDA: http://witnessuganda.com/
UGANDA PROJECT: http://www.ugandaproject.com/

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Griffin’s Book Recommendation: Letters To A Young Poet, by Rainer Maria Rilke