Ep. 005- Branding Yourself As An Artist, with Joel Capperella

Alexis Fedor

Branding Yourself As An Artist, with Joel CapperellaMy guest today, Joel Caparella, is one of the leading brand specialists for big companies as well as small businesses and solopreneurs. But the one thing that sets Joel apart, and one reason he is in such high demand with clients large and small is because he focuses on what matters most to people who want to build businesses based on integrity: the art of the story.

I’ve worked with Joel and know firsthand he is one of a kind when it comes to bringing out the story behind a company that not only creates a deeper level of trust with clients and potential clients but reinforces the foundation upon which the business was created for the business itself- something very few brand analysts are able to do.

Join me in this discussion with Joel, and prepare to take notes because he has some powerful tips you can begin to implement into your branding right now!


WEBSITE: http://joelcapperella.com/

WEBINAR: http://joelcapperella.com/confidence

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ARTICLE: http://joelcapperella.com/the-boss/

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What story do you have that best describes your brand? Please share in the comments below, so we can discuss how you can best fine tune it to work for your business growth! Your sharing helps more artists than you may realize, and helps everyone get to know your business and your work, so please share away!