Ep. 029- Laurie Kahmi: Simple, Practical Wealth-Building Tips For Artists

Alexis Fedor

Laurie Kahmi: Simple, Practical Wealth-Building Tips For ArtistsLaurie Kahmi is the Chief Investment Officer of LCK Wealth Management at Hightower, leads their efforts in establishing investment strategies for their clients. Through her over three decades of experience between Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investments Group, Kidder Peabody and Dean Witter, Laurie’s experiences encompass serving institutional and corporate entities by managing their pensions and stock programs, transitions of personal wealth from liquidity events such as business sale or initial public offering (IPO), and financial planning and private wealth management for individuals, families and institutions. Her experience in private wealth management is specifically with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, non-profit organizations andcorporations, and she continues to focus on clients in these categories who can benefit from her experience.

These credentials and her career that has been focused on patterns in the economic climate of today make Laurie the perfect person to discuss how artists can begin to create wealth within our businesses, regardless of how much you’re making now. Stay tuned, as Laurie breaks down what normally feels like a minefield of financial talk into simple, practical terms you can begin to implement into your business and life, right now.

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