Ep. 002: Artist Interview, Marie Casamayor-Harvey

Alexis Fedor

Artist Interview, Marie Casamayor-Harvey Houston-based fine artist Marie Casamayor-Harvey was selling her work here and there but didn’t realize how much she could actually sell until she was able to put a financial plan in place and create a marketing plan to support it. Once she did, she was blown away by what happened. 

Listen to my interview with Marie to learn how she took control of her finances and as a result became interested in marketing her own art in a new, empowered and genuinely authentic way.

WEBSITE: http://www.jomarvisions.com/marie-casamayor-harvey


INSTAGRAM: @casamayorart

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to marketing your work- or yourself- as an artist? Please share in the comments below, so we can begin to help you move in the direction that grows your business with your art, your way!