Ep. 007- The Art Of Selling, with Mark Ford and Carmine Gentile

Alexis Fedor

The Art Of Selling, with Mark Ford and Carmine Gentile If the word “Sales” sends you running for the hills as an artist with a business, stay tuned because my discussion with Mark Ford and Carmine Gentile is about to change the way you think about sales- especially as an artistic business owner- once and for all. The Art Of Selling is something every artist can benefit from, no matter what stage of business you are in.

One thing most people don’t take into consideration about sales- artists especially- is that selling is a completely separate entity from marketing. And when you create a marketing message that stays true to the heart of your offer- connecting your art to those who most need and want it- the only thing you have to do in terms of closing a sale is simply present to the potential client what they will receive if they choose to purchase that offer from you.

There is an art to this, and something that takes strong communication skills that artists do best. You may not know it yet, but as an artist, you are probably the best salesperson you know. Listen to my talk with Mark and Carmine to find out how, and why.


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What is your single greatest challenge you are facing right now in terms of selling your work or services as an artist? Please share in the comments below, as your sharing helps more artists than you may realize, and helps us help you get past your fear to the other side of growing your business with your art, your way!