Ep. 010- How To Find The Right Artistic Representation, with MK Semos

Alexis Fedor

How To Find The Right Artistic Representation, guest MK Semos If you’re an artist looking for a gallery to represent you but are having trouble finding the right artistic representation, this discussion is for you. MK Semos, co-owner of Decorazon Gallery, talks about what she and her partner look for in finding the right artists to represent. More importantly, she talks about some very important business strategies every artist can benefit from understanding and put into practice.

We discuss pricing, selling, making connections and understanding how to know who your most likely clients will be- a conversation that applies to every artist’s work, regardless of your discipline!

MK gives tips on how to reach out, follow up and form a relationship with galleries, even if they are not the right fit for you, so you can strengthen your connections in the art world and help others in the process of growing your own business with your art, your way.


WEBSITE: http://www.decorazongallery.com/


INSTAGRAM: @decorazongallery

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What are you looking for in representation for your work as an artist? What kind of partnership would benefit your business with your art the most? Leave your answer in the comments below, as your sharing helps more artists than you may realize, and helps us help you get steps closer to growing your business with your art, your way.