Ep. 067- Ryan McKenzie: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For The Sale

Alexis Fedor

Ryan McKenzie: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For The SaleRyan McKenzie has had a 22 year career as an entrepreneur online.  Having started his first online company at age 14, he is now a partner at My Passion Media, a successful multi-channel media company. Ryan is an expert at transitioning traditional print media into successful, scaleable, multi-channel businesses. He is in love with FB ads, and has two awesome little kids.

In our discussion, Ryan and I talk about how, after starting his first business at age 14 he has had many ups and downs as an entrepreneur, and the most important lesson he learned along the way- you can’t be afraid to ask for the sale. For all artists looking to sell more with confidence and integrity, this episode is for you!





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