Ep. 065- Sarah Michelle Brown: Holding The Space For Your Creative Life To Thrive

Alexis Fedor

Sarah Michelle Brown: Holding The Space For Your Creative Life To ThriveSarah Michelle Brown is a multi-passionate artist who writes and directs for film, music videos, documentaries and for the stage. Since studying at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York City, Sarah has been writing, directing and producing primarily her own film and theatre projects. She shadowed Oscar winner Paul Haggis in New York City and Los Angeles, and writer/director Bobby Moresco in Chicago. That same year, Sarah was one of eight women selected to participate in the Women in the Director’s Chair program in Banff.

She took her passion for telling stories that reach out and give audiences a powerful experience and applied it to a new company- Videos That Shine- an online training company that helps artistic entrepreneurs conquer their fear of standing in front of the camera to share their stories with their most ideal clients.

Sarah and I talk about her own entrepreneurial journey as a successful working artist into entrepreneur with a mission to help other artists share their light with those who resonate with their work.







The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler


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