Ep. 036- Sophia Remolde: How A Strong Artistic Business Plan Can Give You Wings To Fly

Alexis Fedor

Sophia Remolde: How A Strong Artistic Business Plan Can Give You Wings To FlySophia Remolde is a multi-disciplinary artist who combines her work as a dancer, choreographer, writer and healer into the work she is called upon to create. She wasn’t always sure, however, how she was going to manage the business side of her work in a way that would not take away from her focus on her art while enabling her to build a business that supported her work every step of the way.

As a member of the Artists In Business community, I’ve had the privilege of watching her create a business that has, over the last two years, taken her work to a whole new level of development and compelled her to travel around the world. She now has now developed her own Pilgrimage course that allows others to go on these journeys with her without leaving their own homes. For every artist who has doubts about whether they can create a business that works for your specific and unique style and circumstances, this episode is for you.



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The Virtual Pilgrimage Course



Sophia’s Book Recommendation: Slipstream Time Hacking, by Benjamin Hardy
(This book is not available on Audible.com, but is available on Amazon.com. Other books, like Your Ideal Future, by Benjamin Hardy, are available on Audible.com)