Ep. 011: Artist Interview, Jewelry Maker Sue Van Dame

Alexis Fedor

Artist Interview, Jewelry Maker Sue Van DameArtist Sue Van Dame is a jewelry maker who stumbled into her craft accidentally, thanks to her husband’s desire to take a jewelry class. She has since created the company Lonesome Dovey and has taken huge steps to build her jewelry business.

When I met Sue she was struggling to find ways to expand her business locally in a new town where she didn’t have as many connections with the community or other businesses as she felt she needed. After taking the 14-Day Art Biz Challenge, she was able to grow her business by over 80%, create a presence for herself in her town and is now working on expanding her business online.Artist Interview, Jewelry Maker Sue Van Dame

For anyone who may be intimidated by the online space or feels they don’t have the resources to grow your business with your art, Sue’s story will serve as an inspiration for how direct outreach is all you need to ramp up your sales and create enough profit to reinvest into a bigger marketing campaign to grow your business, no matter what stage of development you’re in or what discipline of art you practice.

Sue is an inspiration to every artist who desires to follow her heart. I think you’ll enjoy her story.


WEBSITE: lonesomedovey.com


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