Ep. 070- Vana Chupp: From Etsy To Thriving Artistic Entrepreneur

Alexis Fedor

Vana Chupp: From Etsy To Thriving Artistic EntrepreneurVana Chupp is professionally trained as an architect with an artist’s heart. Her silhouette craft was first born as she began documenting the personality, emotion, and playfulness of her son Nikolas. Beginning her online business as one of Etsy’s first sellers, she grew her online sales in ways she couldn’t have anticipated. Over the years she has established herself as a leading, honest, authentic voice on women in business, the balance of work and family, and how to foster creativity in everyday life.

Now, as a mama to two busy boys, wife to her college sweetheart and owner of a labor-of-love brand, Le Papier Studio, she strives to make a difference in her clients’ lives. 

In our discussion, we talk about the power of making a difference with your art to your most ideal clients and how, when you are willing to share your story and get specific about your mission, your ideal clients ultimately find you.


Le Papier Studio: https://lepapierstudio.com/



The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

Start With Why by Simon Sinek


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