Ep. 051- Yuri Cataldo: How To Get Press For Your Art

Alexis Fedor

Yuri Cataldo: How To Get Press For Your ArtYuri Cataldo is a Yale-trained set/costume designer with over 100 design credits. He is also the founder of the award-winning bottled water IndigoH2O, and the architect of a College program focused on art and business, and the marketing director for a tech start up, and the host of the “Advance Your Art” podcast. He is an expert at taking an artist’s story- your Why- and breaking it down in a way that immediately gets the attention of the kind of press that can help your art get in front of your most ideal clients, quickly and easily.

This is a discussion every artist will want to take notes on, so get ready for a jam-packed session of actionable tips, now!





Yuri’s Book Recommendation:

The War Of Art, by Steven Pressfield


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