Ep 197 – Artist Insights: How Creative Visionary and The Profit Canvas Have Grown Their Businesses

Alexis Fedor

I’m super excited to be with you this week because Nicholas Wilton has opened the doors for his Creative Visionary Program enrollment this week. As you all know I’m a huge advocate for members of the Artists in Business community to join his Creative Visionary Program to further refine, enhance and deeply connect with your purpose behind your art.

Now the biggest misconception about Nick’s program is that it is just for fine artists, this is not actually true. I’m a dancer, choreographer, and writer myself and this program has helped me immensely already take my work to a new level. I was also lucky enough to sit down with 3 artists who have been members of and have taken Nick’s Creative Visionary Program, who have also taken my Profit Canvas course. As many of you know I am offering every artist in the Artists in Business community who enrolls in Creative Visionary this week a bonus gift of enrollment in the Profit Canvas course, which has a $2000 value entirely free of charge. The reason is because these 2 programs will, no question, help you take your business to the next level of growth. Artists, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this episode and to see you on the other side.

If you are interested to learn more about the Creative Visionary Program just go to bit.ly/creativevisionary