Your 3 Part Checklist To Inevitably Build Your Business

Alexis Fedor

It doesn’t take much to ensure you are staying on track with building your business, as long as you are committed to staying consistent with taking action steps you know will ensure your growth in the right directions. The key is to take action on the most important projects that are bound to take you to the next stage of growth until you complete them, and not let less important tasks or projects deter you from getting them done.

As a business owner we have to learn how to choose the most important projects and activities and make them our priority, because no one else is going to hold us accountable if we don’t. This can be the most challenging part of staying on top of our game, as distractions are abundantly around us, tempting us every step we take throughout our days. Staying focused is the key way to ensure we don’t let ourselves fall into temptation, throwing us off balance from the goal we know we want to reach.

To do this well, we need to feel motivated and excited to complete our projects. The best way to do this is to identify which ones will lead us into reaching our next goal, and creating the time to not only complete them but celebrate their completion. The celebration is MOST important because it gives us time to reflect on what we have done as well as gives us time to do a self-assessment to understand our way of accomplishing important tasks so we can continue to do what works best for us.

Here is a simple 3-part checklist to make sure you are giving yourself the time and space you need to stay on track toward building your business:

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1. Call out your three most important activities you need to get done for the week to build a better business for your work. Schedule them into your calendar to complete them, no matter what. (If any one feels too big for your week, divide it down into more bite-sized pieces and carry it over into the next week until it you can complete it.)

2. Create the space you need each week to complete these three activities.

3. Create the space you need for one hour, one day out of the week, to celebrate the completion of those three activities.

What are your three most important tasks you are committing yourself to complete this week that will help you take a big step in the right direction? Leave your top three, and how you plan to celebrate them, in the comments below!