Business Design For Creative Souls!

Alexis Fedor

Hello, and welcome! I’m looking forward to sharing strategies and techniques with you on how to create a business with your art, your way, and in the process build your financial wealth larger than you necessarily thought possible!

When I say “art,” I’m referring to all art, literally: acting, writing, dancing, music, film, painting, sculpting, knitting, fashion- any form of expression that you hone as your craft. Creative Souls, you know who you are! And you will benefit from coming here!

In terms of business for art, I‘m talking about something much deeper than just the practical side that almost every artist I know does not enjoy looking at. I know because I used to be one of those artists!

Of course the practical side is essential to any business, and there are certainly artists who thrive in running the numbers for their own. However, my focus is to show you how merging your passion for your craft with those who resonate deeply with your unique creations builds your business so organically that dealing with numbers becomes a component you are confidently driven to take care of with enthusiasm. (In spite of yourself!) That’s exactly what happened for me, and I’m watching it happen daily for the many artists I work with.

In terms of growing your wealth I’m referring to the natural, certain, almost automatic result of aligning your work with those who resonate deeply with it and graciously nurturing those relationships, artist to client. This kind of wealth goes deeper and wider than just making money, as it includes fostering a mission completely unique to your purpose in your life.

Money plays a large role of course, as the value of your life and your work begin to determine the amount of money you make. I’ll be sharing the deeper parts of how I went from making less than $25,000 per year to a healthy six-figure income in less than a year in articles to come. It happened almost instantly when I discovered how to merge my craft with those who were in need of what I had to offer.

So how do you go about finding your tribe (or building it on a larger scale?)
I’ll show you how in the coming articles through simple, practical, actionable steps. Once begin to take action in ways that benefit you and your work, you will undoubtedly feel freer than you have in a very long time.

What do I do once I find them?
I’ll give you the tools you need to create a business foundation that is right for you. You will then know how to create a unique way of dealing with your most valued clients, fans and audience members, all of who then become long-term members of your beloved tribe.

Are there enough of these people whose lives will change through my creations?
There are more than enough, which you’ll discover once you uncover exactly who you’re looking for, the key, pivotal point in your process of merging your art with your passion to share your work.

A bit about me:

As a child in the Midwest, I grew up surrounded by art. My father was a painter and sculptor, my mother an award-winning poet, English teacher and reading specialist and my uncle an electrician-turned-jewelry maker. I had art lessons beginning at age 4, began dancing at age 8 (I got a late start with that one☺) and was writing the whole way through. I continued to dance and write through college, segueing into making films about dance, then moving into the study of acting and script writing as my ultimate forms of artistic expression.

That same uncle also taught me from a very young age about the stock market, and the concept of making money without having to rely on a job. Although the topic was not compelling enough for me to pursue at a young age, his words became a source of interest for me for the last two decades, culminating in my starting two businesses of my own, creating business plans for multiple business owners and finally building my own thriving business as an artist entrepreneur.

I’ve always had the desire to teach, and when I envisioned my future while a dance major in college I clearly saw myself teaching other artists who want to thrive with their art how to do just that. I had to learn how to do it for myself first, of course, so the fact that I’m able to share this with you now is truly a life-changing experience for me.

I’m so happy you’re here, and honored to be able to share my time and resources with you.

To your art!!