Ep 213 – Carol Hartsell: From Fine Art To Producing Comedy: A Lesson In Following Your Joy

Alexis Fedor

Carol Hartsell is the Managing Digital Producer of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and she books and produces a weekly stand-up show at Upright Citizens Brigade East Theater called Lasers In The Jungle in New York City. She works and lives with her husband Sean, with whom she has two dogs, two cats, and six fruit trees. In our discussion Carol shares how she went from pursuing a career as a fine artist to inadvertently following what turned out to be her true calling, producing comedy. And one that has brought an incredible amount of joy and fulfillment to her life in the most unexpected ways. Artists, if you ever feel afraid of changing course to follow your heart because it might throw your life into a tailspin this utterly inspiring episode is for you.