Ep. 148- How Handcuffs Saved My Business (And My Art!)

Alexis Fedor

How Handcuffs Saved My Business (And My Art!)Have you ever laid out a plan for your business with your art, in detail, knowing you had all the pieces you needed in place to ensure it would yield the most probable results possible, put the action steps you want to take into your calendar so you didn’t have to think about them but just actually do them, and then wake up the next morning and feel completely overwhelmed with life to the point that you had no idea how you were going to complete any of the steps you had laid out? Or have you actually begun to complete them, but then run into a small problem that ended up taking what seemed like forever to sort out, setting you back several days in the process?

I’ve had this problem more often than I care to admit while building my business with my art. There was never a time I can remember that everything went as smoothly as I had planned, even to this day, and some of those times sent me into such a tailspin that it feels like a miracle I’ve been able to come as far as I have.

In this episode, I discuss the way I figured out how to role with this kind of change once and for all!