Ep. 173- Why It Is Important To Have Multiple Layers To Create A Thriving Art Business

Alexis Fedor

Why It Is Important To Have Multiple Layers To Create A Thriving Art BusinessSo I wanted to talk with those of you today who really want to start your business but have these massive hurdles that you feel are holding you back from actually taking the first step. And by first step, I mean, the first in a new direction. A direction that the opposite or slightly to the right or to the left of the direction you’ve been going in but has not been working for you. That hasn’t been bringing the sales you need to really get your business off the ground. That really brings in the sales you need to convince yourself and give you the confidence you need to believe that this could actually work.

Now before that actually happens, it doesn’t feel possible a lot of times. It feels like you might be the anomaly where your work is never going to sell. Even though you know there are so many other artists who have similar work to you or more importantly not as refined work as you who are making amazing progress in their businesses, thriving along the way. It still might make you feel like yours will never get off the ground. But here is my question how will know unless you try. Artists, if you are struggling with breaking through this barrier, then this episode is for you.