Why Your “Why” Matters To Your Art, And Your Business

Alexis Fedor


The most common fear most artists face when looking at the business side of their art is immediate overwhelm over not knowing where to begin.

The one thing we are never taught as artists is that every successful business- from Facebook to Apple- became successful by staying in touch and not losing site of their “Why”. Knowing your Why forms the foundation upon which you can build your business in a way that clears your path and eliminates overwhelm immediately.

There is actually nothing more important to your business as an artist than being in touch with your Why. The most common response artists have to the question, “why do you create your work?” is, “because I have to.” Doing it because you have to is that beautiful, enticing motivation that comes from a driving force unique only to you. However, behind that driving force is your story that no one else can possibly duplicate, even if they tried, and forms the signature style you uncover as you hone your craft with your art. That story helps form a foundation for your business that stays solid over time, because you are in touch with your authentic motivation to create. This is your Why.

What is your “why”? Share the heart of your story now by uploading a video no longer than 30 seconds to Facebook and sharing the link in the comments below. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, right here, right now.